David Pu'u has been an outstanding colleague, student and friend. He has chronicled the K38 journey for over a decade in California. He has collected the heart and soul of our students and their efforts.  There is no other legacy visually greater than what David has conributed.

He and his wife Donna are amazing humans. The have backed many of our volunteer efforts from the Never Quit Challenges, Charity Drives, Courses, Combat Wounded, Wake of Fame Awards, Fire Survivors, smalll Business Supporters and Connectors of the Greater Good.

Donna owns and operates Betty Belts Jewelry where you can discover David's Ocean Gallery.  Visit her jewelry creations, you will get inspired! When you make a purchase you are a partner in the positive influence they share with the world and your charity expands with theirs.  We are honored to know them both and call them family.


You have enjoyed many of his visuals without knowing the man behind the lens. Give him a follow:


David Pu’u was raised in Santa Barbara Ca. A former career athlete, craftsman, and corporate CEO, he terminated a twenty year career in the Surf Industry to pursue Photography and Cinematography in 1996. With a background in competitive surfing, cycling, swimming, auto racing, literature and art, he brings a broad range of talents to whatever project he engages.