K38 UK

Ben Granata 

Ben Granata has been working with K38 International since 2006. Having worked as a beach lifeguard, at a UK surf publication as a photographer/journalist and in the adventure activities industry Ben has developed a love and healthy respect for the ocean by working and playing in her.  

Ben has worked as a Swift Water Instructor delivering training to various fire brigades and became a K38 Swiftwater Instructor in 2008. Since 2009 Ben has worked closely with Her Majesty's Coast Guard developing a RWC program with the team at Arnside Cumbria.

2009 was also pivotal in Bens professional development, the passing of racer Cesare Vismara at the World Finals held at lake Havasu spurred Ben to further his medical knowledge and capability by training with Ronin South Africa and beginning work with South West Ambulance Service. As K38 UK Ben has trained various Emergency Service Personnel the 'K38 Way' whilst providing RWC Safety cover for various events in the UK and Abroad. 

One of the highlights of which was managing the team covering the third leg of the Red Bull Storm ChaseAlongside K38 Ben delivers recreational PWC training and provides safety boats, Lifeguards, medical cover, ATV training and support as well as film safety cover.