Mentorship - Junior Boating Program

Our Mentorship Program has been thriving for 28 years. Through this unique and private partnership with select clients we ensure where there is a need, there is a solution. K38 offers two unique programs and can offer scholarships for specific areas of need.

  1. Mentor Program is for public safety agencies Invoice Identification and Number K38-SCH-MTR-19

Our Junior Boating program is designed for training youth for recreational, lifesaving and competitive pursuits.

  1. Junior Boating Program is for youth Invoice Identification Number K38-JRBP-19

The vitality of this program is supporting individuals, departments, divisions, veteran programs and youth peer development with special financial needs, program development or sustainment in times of budget crisis.

We have a limited amount of scholarships opportunities available in a calendar year. Our Mentorship Program is scaled monthly and we have supported thousands of students and agencies in goodwill to reduce injury, accidents or prevent death by providing the highest level of accredited training.

*Pre-requisite applies. Country of origin boating license or Equivalent Basic Boating Certificate

Please Note:  Course Structure is based on K38 LLC USA. County of origins may have variations and different rules or restrictions per country code and money exchange.