Military Training

We offer 4 types of courses for military use. One is for the purposes of lifesaving and safety security during training programs (RWC) the second is for military mission (MRV). Thirdly we offer custom courses at the discretion of the client need and lastly we offer Craft Maintenance Courses. Due to the scope of training, K38 shares course information direct with the client, it is not for review of the general public; hours are confidential. We reserve the right of privacy to hold our client confidentiality private due to security and safety reasons.

RWC or Military Marine Reconnaissance Vehicle (MRV) Training Course

This is a confidential course.  Submissions will need to be conducted under official military email or direct contact only.

K38 is the only service provider who has discreet and professionally qualified instructors who have a minimum of 10 years experience in military applications.  Our instructors are certified and vetted annually for strict compliance of RWCA Standards, the highest in the world.

K38 USA created military training programs 28 years ago and continues to lead the innovation, design, functionality and safety of teams and equipment under extreme situations and austere environments. 

K38 has the only qualification program for military that is approved and endorsed, and we created Night Operations, with over 6,000 instructional hours.  We are proud of our miltary trainign heritage and are honored to work with leading waterborne divisions from various nations who know that safety and top tier level expertise is the only option to mission success.

We are the sole source for professionalism and operator safety and security.

1. Clandestine

2. Open Ocean

3. Surf Zone

4. Riverine

5. Disaster Zones

6. Safety for Training

Advanced military training for the use of Marine Reconnaissance Vehicles (MRV) and complimentary accessories. Upon successful course completion students will be proficient as operators of MRV’s for long distance, launching/loading, recoveries, hoisting (if requested), surveillance, nearshore, littoral, surf to high surf training, for safety, missions, rescue and insertion/extraction (OTB) of personnel or equipment, and surf passages. To be capable of operations in dynamic weather and water conditions with or without accessory devices and night qualification. Students will be Night Qualified. Water conditions for training are dependent on weather, site location and seasonal environment.

Course Identification and Certificate Number:



*Pre-requisite applies. Country of origin boating license or Equivalent Basic Boating Certificate

Please Note:  Course Structure is based on K38 LLC USA. County of origins may have variations and different rules or restrictions per country code and money exchange.