Nicolas Denard

Mr. Nicolas Denard

Mr. Nicolas Denard is an adventurous traveler, born in Tenerife, the Canary Islands. He worked in the aviation industry for over a decade; traveling and living all over the world. Presently he lives in the Canary Islands with his wife and his two adorable daughters.

Since an early age he's been passionate about the ocean and enjoys a variety of ocean-going activities. Living on an island the relationship between and water becomes a way of life. He is an avid surfer and towsurfer, providing water safety coverage for sessions in the beautiful waves surrounding his homeland.

After several trips to Hawaii, Nicolas became aware of the vital importance of having a professionally trained rescue boat team for water safety. In 1992 he created along with his friend Manuel Gonzalez de León a water rescue team in the Canary Islands. They introduced the Rescue Water Craft (RWC) as a modern way of saving lives using these unique small power craft.

Nicolas completed his studies in Spain and France, and began working in the surf industry providing RWC water safety coverage

Nicolas understood the need for ongoing updates relating to the changes in boating safety practices and techniques and began investigating solutions. It was in the late 1990’s when he met Shawn Alladio, the founder of K38, an international training company and service provider.

In 2001 Nicolas organized the first K38 training in the nation of Spain for lifesavers.

Nicolas has been part of K38 developing his instructor qualifications and boating safety outreach. In November of 2017 K38 South America was officially recognized along with K38 Canary Islands under Nicolas management.

In 2018 he is working hard to support expansion in the K38 Way of Training outreach throughout Europe and South America.

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