K38 Professional Services

K38 offers services for a variety of instructional needs for qualification, and provides support for the film and movie industry and aquatic events. To request training information: We require a fillable form to be processed for all inquiries. Please write to K38Rescue@gmail.com to request the fillable form. Upon review and understanding of client need, a quote or verification will be sent back. Be concise and fill out all applicable forms fields for processing. 

All course descriptions listed below describe upon successful course completion student proficiency levels. All course fees are set for a minimum of 6 students per course to host, if the minimum is not met the course will be cancelled, postponed or the full fee will be applied to the next available course in the calendar year. Water conditions for training are dependent on weather, site location and seasonal environment.


Open Enrollment courses for public participation are limited to a select few courses annually. K38 trains public safety agencies and Federal groups for professional development for their marine unit.

To request information on behalf of your department, agency or command please review the following:

  1. Agency Representative Contact Information
  2. Agency Name
  3. Type of Waterway
  4. Amount of Personnel to be trained
  5. Continuing education or program development
  6. Potential dates for training request
  7. Type of current agency Water Craft (RWC) Make, Model and Year of Production
  8. Current level(s) of expertise of participants (Beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  9. Current Certifications of boating safety education per team member (if applicable)
  10. Note Additional Needs
  11. Course payment may be made via PayPal, credit card or check

Upon review and understanding of client need, a quote or verification will be sent back. Be concise and fill out all applicable forms fields for processing.  Certifications are valid for a period of 3 years upon successful course completion. 

Pre-Requisite to all our courses: Basic Boater Education - or country of origin boating license or approved online course on your own time applies to all course formats below. We will send you’re the course information for fulfillment.  

K38 Course Stage Formats:

➢      Awareness

➢      Basic

➢      Introduction

➢      Operational

Please Note:  Course Structure is based on K38 LLC USA. County of origins may have variations and different rules or restrictions per country code and money exchange.

Disclaimer: Take a certified course Rescue Water Craft (RWC) Course with qualified instructors that represents the precise area of expertise. Visual and plan in your mindset the stages or layers of action and activity required of you from the training.  Practice and develop your skillsets mentally and physically. A RWC course alone does not prepare a student for real world pressures and realities, it is merely the first step in a long process. You must be prepared, use the proper PPE for your area of operation, physical and mental conditioning are a big part of your success, learning from your failures and selection and care of equipment.

You must stay current in the standards and best practices. The video/pics posted on our website and links in no way represents training aids. There may be actions in the images that are corrected during training that are not covered by the viewer and misinterpreted. View at your own discretion but do not use and place yourself and others at risk for mediocre training standards, this is not a training aid. You must abide by all boating laws, rules and regulations that are applicable. K38 is not responsible for the viewers interpretation, lack of knowledge or personal use of any video or photos/content material.  Take any of our RWC courses and build your qualification and expertise, we are in this with you are partners in our culture of maritime operations. Together we are partners in education, safety and enforcement.