We support all of our student cadre to seek their Swiftwater Rescue Qualification from 

Rescue 3 International or similar training companies. They are an outstanding global supplier of standardized training courses that will assist students in their pre-requisite fulfillment.

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Rescue 3 International was founded in 1979 after a California search and rescue team nearly lost one of its own during a water rescue. Nearly 40 years later our mission remains the same: to provide flood, water, and rope rescue training to individuals and organizations with an emphasis on ways to keep rescuers from becoming victims. As a result, Rescue 3 has risen to become the recognized leader in water and flood rescue, training over 300,000 students throughout the U.S. and 50 foreign countries. Known for our dynamic curriculum and utilizing state of the art techniques. Rescue 3 is constantly developing new and innovative rescue techniques, improving on old techniques, and working with manufacturers to develop equipment to meet rescuers’ needs.

One thing that sets us apart is our dedication to providing students with practical, real-world experience. To this end, all of Rescue 3’s instructors are professionals working in the disciplines they teach. Our instructors include paramedics, firefighters, law enforcement officers, and search and rescue team members, as well as river guides and military personnel. While Rescue 3’s instructors come from a wide variety of fields, they all share a passion for saving lives and teaching others to do the same.



Remote Connection/Line Capture. Expanded Opportunities…(Skills Required) Imagine growing an arm as long as the length of a rope in a throw-bag. Then Imagine having at the end of that arm a technically competent high strength aluminum alloy device that will consistently ‘attach/clip’ itself to any line that it crosses with the same security of a rated carabiner. Imagine this device is also weight balanced to ensure accurate throws, is collapsible, compact and can withstand impact from repeated bashing against rock. Imagine also that this device is capable of making a technically competent, remote/mechanical auto-knot with the bitter end of any rope it crosses. It is also capable of snagging pinned or wrapped boats to gain access and jamming or snagging in vegetation or between rocks if it is so purposefully, and accurately tasked. 




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