The K38 yacht industry personal water craft education program is the only place you need to be for the highest experience for a knowledge based crew, guests and owners.  We focus on confidence and competence.  The training will cover fundamentals of safe recreational PWC operations, accident prevention, vessel stability, capsizing and re-boarding, passenger safety, nautical terminology and the ‘Rules of the Road’.

Instructors are certified boating Coxswain instructors and are the world’s foremost experts in PWC education and have the widest range of expertise worldwide in all types of waterways and working with every type of PWC on the market.

Training Levels

Level 1: This is an 8 hour course, incorporating 4 hours classroom and 4 hours on the water skills assessment. 

Level 2:  16 hours of theory, preventative maintenance, basic water rescue and fundamental boating handling, one to two person on board. 

Level 3: 40 hours of operational instructor for Personal Water Craft, Towable Accessory Devices (TAD). This Coxswain course covers client safety and boating education, loading and launching, preventative maintenance and hourly schedules, environmental safety. Levels 1 & 2 included.

Course Identification

#K38-YIPWC-1-19: Level 1 Awareness-8 hours

#K38-YIPWC-2-19: Level 2 Novice -16 hours

#K38-YIPWC-5-19: Level 3 Operational - 40 hours

*Custom Course